Kigumba Intensive Girls Team Copa Coca Cola 2019 Regional Group Stages and Fixtures Taking Place in Kakumiro District

GROUP B 1. Kigumba Intensive – Kiryandongo District 2. Kinyara SS – Masindi District 3. St Marys PRT – Kagadi District 4. Kisiita Modern – Kakumiiro 5. St – Peters – Hoima District Fixtures Kigumba Intensive Vs Kinyara SS St Marys Marys Vs Kisiita Modern Kinyara SS Vs St Perers Kigumba Intensive Vs St Marys Kisiita Modern Vs St Peters Kinyara SS Vs St Marys Kigumba Intensive Vs Kisiita Modern’ St Peters Vs St Marys PRT Kinyara SS Vs Kisiita Modern Kigumba Intensive Vs St Peters Please note that all games will be played between today and Saturday. Semi Finals will take place on Saturday evening and girls finals on Sunday morning. There are only two groups and 11 teams. Group A comprises of 6 teams while Group B comprises of 5 teams. The top 2 teams per group will directly go for semi finals. All games take a maximum of 1 hour and will take place at one pitch in Kakyeeka. We wish the team the best. *The girls are ready and say “Bring it on!!”* #ProudIntensivian #Educating4aLifeTime #RetreatLoading22ndApril

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