Eligibility and qualification for electoral offices

  1. Any full member (SEE THE CONSITUTION FOR THE DIFFERENT MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES) of the association shall be eligible for any of the above offices.(He/she must have paid membership and subscription fee totaling to 15,000/=)
  2. Only members of second year (for those still studying a diploma or degree course) and those who finished a course in any field of study at a diploma or degree level in various educational institutions shall be eligible for the office of the chair person, vice chairperson, general secretary, treasurer and the speaker.

  • All contestants for the above offices shall pay a non refundable fee as specified in the table below:

Post Nomination fees
Chair Person 50,000/=
Vice Chairperson 50,000/=
Finance Secretary 50,000/=
General Secretary 50,000/=
Board of Governor’s Representative 50,000/=
Speaker 50,000/=
Organizing secretary 30,000/=
Publicity 30,000/=
Assistant publicity 20,000/=
 Historical Members’ Representative 20,000/=
Sister Schools’ Representatives 20,000/=

  • All contestants must not have any criminal record

NB:     (i) Successful nominees (candidates) shall be issued with the program of the campaigns, rules and regulations.

(ii) Disqualification of any candidate shall occur if he/she acts or behaves contrary to the rules and regulations of the electoral commission.

(iii) By constitution, any current interim executive committee member who intends to contest must step down immediately before submitting his/her interest form.

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