Onap Oscar, a student in senior five sciences (now headed to S6) won the overall prize for his essay on Communications Technology, environment and safe Internet use from the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) in October this year.

A collage of photos showing Onap receiving the award from Mutabazi (top), welcomed by the headmaster, Mr. Ogwal Tony (the two pictures lower bottom from left), with Mutabazi and Mr Mwale Paul (in red) and alone.

Onap’s essay emerged the best at the event were over 30 students were awarded following their remarkable performance in the essay writing competitions.

According to PML Daily, the commission executive director, Godfrey Mutabazi said the initiative geared towards involving young people in assessing the current situation in the ICT sector.

“At UCC, we are providing an opportunity for you the young people to determine the future of the communications sector and the country,” Mr Mutabaazi said.

Writing for the KISMAG, Onap said, “I was filled with a lot of joy because of my ability to represent my school in such a great event. I won a certificate of award, a trophy and other various prizes. Besides all these, I had a great adventure, made a lot of new friends and shared our personal experiences and knowledge,

I personally was greatly inspired by a number ofpeople there including the Executive director and the director corporate affairs, UCC and other various staffs.”

“I am indeed filled with pleasure and happiness that I have had a chance to share my experience with several people. This could be a considerable tool to encourage my colleague students to always try out their luck in participating in similar events next time. Let us not wait for others to first prosper before we can do so,” Onap added.

The competition was organised by UCC as part of the commemorative activities to celebrate the 20 years of regulation of the communications sector in Uganda. Winners from the competition received certificates and awards among other prizes. UCC also promised to pay their school fees for a full year.

Onap concluded his write up by encouraging individuals not to give up.

“Remember to always try and fail but never fail to try. You do not know what the Lord has prepared for you ahead. Take note that it is of great significance to be patient, confident and a good listener as this could also help us know our WORTH,” he wrote. Onap Oscar writing for the KISMAG 2018

Mr. Mwale Paul, the ICT head of department Kigumba Intensive Secondary school coordinated the project.

The school’s Managing Director, Mr. Asiimwe Gilbert promised to continue supporting students in helping them develop and exploit their talents.

Additional reporting by PML Daily

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