Parents Letter: END OF SECOND TERM 2019

To: All Parents/Guardians of Kigumba Intensive Sec School RE: END OF SECOND TERM 2019 The school has closed for second term holiday, partially with S.1, S.2, S3, and S.5 today 16th/8/2019. Senior four will leave on 23rd August after completing their mock, while senior Six will leave in three different groups depending on how they will complete their mocks. The first group will leave school on Saturday 24th August, the second group on Monday 19th, third group on Wednesday 21st , and the last group on Friday 23rd August 2019. On behalf of the administration, staff and all students of Kigumba Intensive SS, I wish to convey our greetings to you and your family. We thank you for the financial, emotional and material support you accorded to our students during the course of the term. We also give glory to God who kept us all alive and enabled us to sail through the second term successfully. I wish to inform you of the following: – Beginning of term III 2019: We shall open for third term officially on 9th September for all classes, students are advised to begin reporting on the weekend of 7th and 8th, in all cases before 5pm, so that lessons start on Monday 9th September without fail. Academics: Teaching and evaluation were done during the course of the term. Coverage of the syllabi has been fair. Senior one, two, three and five did one set of examination and a test. This time S.1, S.2, S.3 and S.5 have not been given Report-Cards, you will receive an SMS alert through your phone showing the performance of your child on 23rd August 2019, Report-card will be ready for picking on the same day. Parents who shall not be in a position to pick report cards of their children on this day, can pick at the beginning of third term. S.4s and S.6s will carry home Report-cards showing their performance in Pre-mock exams. Read through the report card, discuss the results with the student and advise. While mock results are expected to be out by mid-September 2019, School fees: A great number of parents were able to clear fees for their children this term. We are very grateful for your efforts towards fulfilling this obligation though it has not been easy for this term. Those who did not clear, should endeavor to do so during holidays. Fees payable next term shall be as follows:

  • Senior one; Boarders total 667,000/=, First installment 467,000/=, second is 200,000/=
  • Senior one; Day total 418,000/=, first installment 318,000/=, second is 100,000/=
  • Senior two; Boarders total 637,000/=, first installment 437,000/=, second is 260,000/=
  • Senior two; Day total 388,000/= , first installment 288,000/=, second is 160,000/=

NB: 60,000/= has been included in senior two fees for entrepreneurship field tour. Senior three; Boarders; total 637,000/=, first instalment 437,000/= , second is 206,000/=. Senior three; Day scholars total 388,000/= first installment 288,000/= second is 160,000/= NB; 60,000/= has been added to senior three fees for geography field tour. Senior four; total fees payable for next term 702,000/=, first installment 502,000/= second 200,000/= Senior five; boarders total 784,000/=, first installment 584,000/= second is 200’000/= Senior five; Day total 528,000/=, first installment 328,000/= second is 200.000/= NB; (i) Senior five students offering geography will pay additional 80,000/= for field tour. (ii)senior five entrepreneurship students will also pay additional 60,000/= for field tour Senior six; total fees 859,000/= first installment 659,000/= second is 200,000/= Visitation Day: Next term’s visitation day is scheduled for 26th /October/ 2019. You are encouraged to come and visit your child, talk to the teachers and see their general progress in the school. You will also be required to clear all the outstanding fees on that day. Vocational projects: We are very much grateful to the entrepreneurship department for this development. This term student of senior one and two participated in making of reusable sanitary pads, paper envelopes, and liquid soap, while Senior Fives were involved in the production of counter books and paper envelopes. We hope to continue with this program in the coming term as well. Study and exposure tours

  • Several tours are planned to take place next term. Senior two and five entrepreneurship class will have a tour to Lugogo show grounds to acquaint themselves with entrepreneurship skills.
  • Senior five geography class will have a study tour to Jinja.
  • Senior six geography class will also have another optional study tour to Murchision falls.
  • Senior three class will also have geography study tour to Entebbe.
  • Kiswahili study and exposure tour is also scheduled for third term but optional for interested students only.

As a result, they have carried a separate request letter for facilitation and transport. The other tours will be mainly academic and will affect senior three and five. Discipline: The discipline of students has been good. Those who breached school rules in one way or the other were dealt with accordingly. Five students were dismissed over indiscipline related cases. We thank parents who co-operated with us in disciplining wrong doers. May you keep up the spirit. Uniform: The school has provided all students with class and dormitory uniforms. We have observed increased attempts at modifying uniform by some students. The uniform and smartness committee did an incredibly good job this term in ending this vice. We continue to warn students against this practice and those caught in this vice will be compelled to buy new uniforms. Health: There has been serious cases of malaria this term that were internally managed by the school nurse. We continue to register a number of cases of unreported chronic illnesses. You are encouraged to take children for medical checkup before they return to school. We wish you and your family a fruitful holiday. Tobias Tonny Ogwal HEAD TEACHER




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