Our Profile


Kigumba Intensive Secondary School (KISS) started humbly in 2002. It was a project which entailed using limited resources available at the time to achieve maximum output. Indeed, the name intensive is derived from that idea.


It is a registered O and A level secondary school. It is a mixed Day and Boarding School.


The mission of the school is derived from the desire to produce academically competitive and responsible students. Hence the mission is  “We exist to impart knowledge and skills into our students and shape their values and attitudes through joint conscious actions of teachers, parents and other stakeholders.”.


“Knowledge for Prosperity”.


To groom a hardworking and responsible citizen requires that students are well disciplined. However, with globalization and technological improvements, discipline management in schools has become very difficult for administrators. We face the same reality but have tried to maintain a good record of discipline through weekly class meetings, peer counseling, individual counseling, strict adherence to routines. The extreme and riotous cases are met with indefinite suspensions.


We have good classrooms, spacious dormitories, sanitary facilities, piped water, constant power supply, playgrounds for sports, functional science and computer laboratory, which have greatly helped us in the teaching and learning process.

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