End of Term 2 for all classes; Parents can now pick children report cards

Our last batch of students i.e S4 and S6 leaves today. Just like all candidates, they come with a copy of their report cards. S1, 2 and 3 parents will start receiving SMS of their children performance starting at 10am. All parents should have received an SMS by 3pm. If you can (parent come to school) report cards are available for picking starting at 11am. Should you have any concerns such as not receiving an SMS, please call the following people.

Mr Okello Jasper – Class Teacher S1 – 0775176369 Mr. Sempa Ramadhan – Class Teacher S2 – 0775895584 Mr. Abigaba Godfrey – Class Teacher S3 – 0779022130 Mr. Odaga Joseph – Class Teacher S5 Arts – 0777995165 Mr. Damony Ratip – Class Teacher S5 Science – 0779247784 You can also call the official school phone number 0392177217 or email info@kigumbaintensivesec.ac.ug for a copy of your students performance. Please indicate student name, class and number. Report cards can be picked by parents from the Head Masters office +256 782 652130 today or at the beginning of the term. Thank you. #Educating4aLifeTime #ProudIntensivian

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