#EndOfTermOne2019: To Parents/guardians of: S.1, S.2 and S.3 Students

The school has closed today 4th May 2019 for first term holidays. On behalf of the administration, staff and all students of Kigumba Intensive SS, I wish to convey our greetings to you and your family. We thank you for the financial, emotional and material support you accorded to our students during the course of the term. It was largely a duty well fulfilled. We also give glory to God who kept us all alive and enabled us to sail through this term successfully. I wish to inform you of the following:- Beginning of term II 2019. All boarders shall report to school on 26th May 2019, in all cases before 5pm. Lessons shall begin on 27th /May/2019. Academics: Teaching and evaluation were done during the course of the term.  Coverage of the syllabi has been fair. Senior one, two and three did one set of examinations and a test. A good performance has been reported in senior one. Your child should present to you a report card that shows his/her achievement. Read through the report card, discuss the results with your child and advise where necessary. In addition to the report card and letter to parents, all new students have been provided with the last edition of the school magazine. School fees: A great number of parents were able to clear fees for their children this term. We are very grateful for your efforts towards fulfilling this obligation. Those who did not clear, should endeavor to do so during holidays. Fees payable next term shall be as follows:
  • Senior one; Boarders  652,000= and Day Scholars 403,000=
  • Senior two; Boarders  622,000=  and Day scholars 373,000=
  • Senior Three; Boarders 697,000= and Day Scholars 448,000=. fee for senior three includes payment for practical work books.
Please take note of the following fees payment installments;
  • Senior one  boarders 1st  installment 402,000= and second  250,000=
  • Senior one day scholars 1st installment 303,000= second 100,000=
  • Senior two boarders 1st installment 400,000= and second  222,000=
  • Senior two day scholars 1st installment 200,000=   second 173,000=
  • Senior three boarders 1st installment 450,000=  and second 247,000=
  • Senior three day scholars 1st installment  300,000=   and  148,000= second
Payment Mode We shall continue to use flexipay plat form of stanbic bank. This eases payments at the bank and at the same time enables direct fees deposits on the school account using mobile money. Senior one class and all new students have equally been enrolled on the platform and taken through the payment process. They have therefore not been given bank slips. We continue to discourage the practice of sending fees on individual staff mobile phone numbers. Any parent who continues with the practice will do so at their own inconvenience. Visitation Day: Next term’s visitation day is scheduled for Saturday 6th /July / 2019. You are encouraged to come and visit your child, talk to the teachers and see their general progress in the school. You will also be required to clear all the outstanding fees on that day. Co- curricular Activities: Both the boys and girls football teams participated in the district coca cola post primary football competitions, our girls football team emerged district champions and they also represented the district at Bunyoro regional level. It is also important to report that some of the matches in these competitions were played at our school ground. This term we participated in inter- class football competition in which S3 boys emerged champions We are grateful to our students and the     co-curricular department generally for their tireless efforts in this endeavor. Former students retreat. Our former students in universities and other tertiary institutions paid us a visit on 19th April 2019. A number of activities were carried out by these students among which were guidance and counselling of their peers and cleaning of the school environment. We appreciate the services rendered by these students to us. Discipline: The discipline of students has been good. Those who breached school rules in one way or the other were dealt with accordingly. Three students were dismissed over indiscipline related cases. We thank parents who co-operated with us in disciplining wrong doers. May you keep up the spirit. Uniform: The school has provided all students with class and dormitory uniforms. No rare cloth shall be allowed next term. We have observed increased attempts of  modifying uniform by some students. Students are strongly warned against this practice and stern action shall be taken against offenders. Health: The heaths of students have been generally good throughout the term. There were usual cases of flu, malaria and cough that were internally managed by the school nurse. UCE and UACE Results 2018: The performance of candidates of 2018 was very good. We thank our teachers, Parents, and candidates of 2018 for their contribution towards the good performance. We continue to urge you to keep up the spirit for us to get, at all levels, even better results than what was achieved. The summary of the results is as follows: “O” Level:
NUMBER OF STUDENTS 53 75 32 15 175
“A” Level:
PASSES 3P 2P 1P Subsidiaries TOTAL
NUMBER OF STUDENTS 75 41 20   06 142
“P” stands for Principle pass University admission 2019. Weare very pleased to informyou that, so far five of our students who sat for UACE 2018 have been admitted to public universities on government sponsorship (merit). We expect more to be admitted on district quota and private sponsorship. We wish you and your family a fruitful holiday. Tobias Tonny Ogwal HEAD TEACHER                                         

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