Five Intensive Students Admitted on National Merit

Odur James, Alinda Rogers, Okuta Stephen, Jakisa Innocent and Watum Peter were the five Intensive students from the A Level class of 2018 who were admitted on the national-merit government sponsorship scheme. 1. Odur James B. Sci Educ Physical – Makerere 2. Alinda Rogers B. Sci Educ Biological – Gulu 3. Okuta Stephen B. Sci Educ Biological – Makerere 4. Jakisa Innocent B. Sci Educ Sports Science – Gulu 5. Watum Peter B. Sci Conversational Biology – Makerere We now await the 08 Kiryandongo District Quota slots. #Educating4aLifeTIme#ProudIntensivian#RetreatLoading19thApril

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