Why students should embrace clubs

Kigumba intensive secondary schools offers clubs and societies to students in addition to the daily scheduled classes. The main importance of clubs and societies is to prepare students to create a positive impact in the world. Clubs and societies help develop sharp students as well as exposing them to various activities outside the classroom. Through clubs and societies,students are able to form friendly relations with other students as they instill a form of belonging to a social group. They also help students in development of various skills. Writers club is one of the clubs at Kigumba Intensive secondary schools. It helps students develop writing skills through writing stories and poems. Through writing, a student is able to express thoughts or opinions through poems which information is likely to create a positive impact to others.

Some of the students in the writers club pose for a group photograph

Debating club aims at developing students’ general awareness, public speaking, argument and debating skills. It helps a student explore the art of speech and gain confidence. Other clubs offered include; Agriculture club, Patriotism club, Science club and Entrepreneurship club. We therefore advise all students to at least join a particular club of their interest in order to explore their talent and skills.

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  1. What is the purpose of clubs and societies offered by Kigumba Intensive Secondary School and how does the Writers Club help students develop their skills?

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