Discussion groups in preparation for exams

As students prepare to do examinations, some students find it hard to grasp during personal reading. However, forming discussion groups can be an option to get familiar knowledge in preparation for exams. Discussion groups help one increase on the understanding of a particular subject, help generate more ideas about a topic, let one learn about their weaknesses and mistakes, help sharpen ones listening skills and also build one’s confidence. Here a few tips on how to form a successful discussion group; Make a group of a few friends who are committed and willing to learn and share knowledge. Commitment and interest of group members is an important aspect of a discussion group as it is the first step to success of sharing knowledge. Make a time table that favors every one in the group, discuss on what time and venue to meet, and which subject to discuss. Time table shows how organized a group is and if respected by the group members, groups activities then go on smoothly.

discussion groups involve sharing and learning by participants who equally benefit from each other

Equal participation of every member in the group helps every one master the basis of the discussion. Every member in the group should be willing to contribute knowledge and participate during the discussion. Revision before a discussion is very essential as group members are aware of what is going to be discussed. This allows participation for all in the group. Make arguments, seek the right answers with proof, make use of the teachers were necessary, as this helps students learn their weaknesses and mistakes so that they are corrected. Give relevant and everyday examples were need be as this will help every on in the group to grasp some knowledge and for easy understanding of a particular point. Always remember to make use of discussion groups usually at the beginning and the middle of the term. Towards examinations gets a little late to begin discussing as personal reading is very essential in preparation for examinations.

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