I am very simple, easy and social – Mr Alikah

Interview captured from KISMAG First Edition 2014-2015 Good day sir, Can I please have a few minutes of your time. I am called Atugonza Kasfa. A member of the writers club Kigumba Intensive SS and I would like to interview you. Question; who is Mr. Alikah? I am an old small bodied English language teacher and at the same time the Deputy Head Teacher. Qn: How long have you been in the teaching profession and for how long have you been a teacher at intensive? I have been a teacher since 2001 and one of the pioneer teachers of Kigumba Intensive. I started teaching in Intensive with Mr. Max, Mr. Asiimwe, Mr. Ogwal and Mr. Paruku. I have taught in schools like Mbale S.S, Kigumba High and currently Kigumba Intensive. Qn: what do you like about your teaching Job? I like seeing young people being successful in life. When one fails in life, I feel bad because I assume that all my sweat, canes and efforts have all been wasted. Qn: Besides teaching , how do you spend your leisure time? I used to have enough leisure time those days but now days I rarely get it. If the opportunity comes then I keep at home with my family, watch news and soccer in fact I am an Arsenal fan, I stay with my children and drive them around town. I also at times get a broom and sweep and also mop to basically pay back to my wife where needed. I also cook if possible and necessary. Qn: Do you have a family? Yes I do! I have a lovely wife with two kids i.e with a 6yr old daughter (1st born) called Rahuma in p2 and a 3 yr old son (2nd born) called Rahim in nursery; that is baby class. I live with a maid and a cousin whose father died in the year 2000 but the mother still lives and the only boy in a family of seven. Qn: Where do you see Intensive in the next five years? Uhmmm! I see it becoming popular country wide; but this will be possible by; Chopping every year, admit first graders from senior one to senior three and may be stop at second grade.for senior four., improve on the quality of the staff, increase fees so as to increase trust in the school and register proven staff. We shall also take teachers for re-fresher courses like examining courses and others.

Qn: Most students both old and current have a perception of you being a very tough and principled man. Do you feel the same, if yes, why? I don’t feel the same but it may be true on wrong doers who don’t follow principles, school rules and regulations. To me, I feel very simple, easy and social to students and people at large. Then for the old students who know what I am, know what I have done for them and they are now successful.

Qn: What do you hate most in your life? I hate laziness and failures. Qn: What do you like most? Peace among the people, richness and opportunities to be used by people effectively. Qn: What was your worst moment? That was when I lost my dad in 2008, also when I fell from a tree when still young. And also when my son had seriously fallen sick which led him up to Mulago but by good luck he got well. Qn: What was your best moment in life? That’s when I had my 1st born in 2007 November and also when I constructed my 1st house in 2006. When I also bought my 1st car in 2010 and my first step in a plane in 2009. Qn: Who is your role model? That is Mr. Max because he is a very simple, enterprising and a prospering person. Qn: What do you always expect of the students? They have to pass exams, respect teachers, parents and elders because they play a big role in their life. They should also succeed in life. Qn: What message do you have for the students and the leaders outside there? Every student must have a mentor i.e. somebody whom one admires and works hard to be so like Janet Museveni, among others. Then for the teachers, try as much as possible to listen before you act but if things go out of control, they can act and ask later. Compiled by: Atugonza kasfa S.2

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