UCE 2017 draws closer

It is about 72 hours before the 2017 U.C.E candidates across the country will sit for their first examinations – that is Briefing. Certainly, our S.4 Candidates are no exception. The time has finally come for them and the school to take stock of what they have been doing these four years at secondary school. In many ways, we understand that this particular journey is of utmost importance as it spells the futures of very many of you young men and women. We at Kigumba Intensive believe that we have prepared you the candidates appropriately, adequately and wholly to be able to sit these examinations with ease. We have moved this far with you and are confident that you are ready for the task ahead. We would therefore, like to send you our sincere appreciation and congratulate you upon making it this far. Candidates, you are truly blessed. You have a glorious opportunity at your hands. seize it. Now is the time to put into practice every single piece of advice that has previously been given to you, such that you arm yourself with the absolute best at this moment. As a school, we would like to thank the parents for supporting the candidates right up to this moment. The sacrifices you made has enabled the candidates to reach this moment. We are forever grateful to you. For your sacrifices, the future of the country is for ever guaranteed. We therefore ask our candidates to go forth and shine, for you have been prepared for this. Remember that our school motto say, “Knowledge for Prosperity” and may it keep your focused during this period. Wish you success in your examinations!

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